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Case Study

The era of decentralized finance (DeFi) and cryptocurrency has widely been referred to as the next iteration of the internet: Web 2.0. The innovations it has brought are often compared to the post-Y2K dot-com boom of 2000. When the world’s news outlets can’t take their eyes off the crypto market, some of the world’s largest crypto companies have trusted Otter PR to help ride this wave into the spotlight of mainstream media.

The Problem

“DeFi,” “Crypto,” and “Bitcoin” are all terms that have frequented headlines since the start of 2020. Reporters and journalists have searched the world for the hottest new companies and thought leaders to emerge amidst this boom, but the question is: “Who will emerge on top and become the voice of DeFi for the future?”

Bitcoin of America (BoA) is one of the largest providers of Bitcoin ATMs in the United States and has been at the forefront of the DeFi wave as a leader in blockchain transactions. Meanwhile, the sector of DeFi and crypto was constantly evolving and changing to meet new challenges and user demands. In understanding this, BoA knew that they would need a comprehensive media plan to avoid being positioned at a disadvantage to their competitors in the industry.

The Strategy

BoA is just one of the many national crypto companies that have joined with Otter PR. Utilizing our media network to become a world leader in the blockchain was critical to their gaining a leading edge in the emerging, hyper-competitive sector of DeFi and crypto. As soon as this company started to work with us, we knew that it would be a massive success.

Our strategy was simple: first, we placed BoA’s CEO at the forefront of our media campaign as a leading name in Bitcoin subject matter expertise; and second, because BoA is working to bridge the gap between traditional Fiat currency and DeFi via ATMs — which are traditionally used for Fiat transactions — they were especially attractive for the news.

Business Impact (results)

Within weeks, coverage of BoA exploded in the media. Otter PR secured local and national television news coverage about BoA and the future of the cryptocurrency, including a feature article published on Since working with us, BoA has been thrilled to see these tremendous results. The value Otter PR helped to create for their business translated into a steep, direct rise in demand for BoA’s products and services.

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Otter Staff

Otter Staff

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