Should I Write a Book?

If you are a thought leader and your business is based on your expertise and knowledge, then I think you know the answer. Publishing a book provides you with instant credibility and authority in your space. It also serves as an amazing lead magnet and viral social sharing device. The best part, you only have to pay for it once.

Otter Book Writing Benefits

Ghostwriting by our experienced and trusted US-based, in-house writers.

Work as a team with unlimited revisions for a perfect final product.

Our Otter marketing team will design your book cover and landing page.

We help with everything from formatting to publishing & more!

Author Essentials

We provide all the basic elements you need to get your book written and published.


Book Writing Timeline

Brainstorming & Concept

Our team will help you come up with an original and attractive idea for your book.

Step 1

Outlining & Approval

This is where we will take the idea and build a structure for the flow of the book with chapters and title.

Step 2

Brain Extraction & Execution

You and your writer will work to extract your knowledge and write your perfect book.

Step 3

Design & Formatting

We will format and design your book cover to get it ready for publishing.

Step 4

Publishing & Promotion

We will publish your book on Amazon, Kindle, and help you publish a physical copy if you're interested.

Step 5

Book a call to learn more.