The Importance of Brand Reputation Management: How Otter PR Can Help

Brand Reputation

Experts have said it time and time again: brand reputation takes a long time to build, but can be destroyed in a matter of moments. However, many businesses don’t understand how to take advantage of this effective and important tool to help their business grow and thrive in a competitive landscape. Florida-based PR firm Otter […]

Dr. Jay Feldman Co-Founded the Fastest Growing PR Firm in the USA

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It was January 2020 when Jay Feldman, DO decided it was time to leave medicine. After years of experience in business and marketing, he was trying to balance his medical residency with his business. He was receiving increased pressure from his medical program to leave his business for good, stating that he should not be pursuing both at the same time.

Harness the Power of Contributorship with Entrepreneur and Forbes

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A solid PR campaign can be an incredible tool for business owners and entrepreneurs. Still, there are several other ways you can build online presence that go beyond the continuous hunt for press coverage, features, and interviews. With a little time and capital investment, you too can harness the power of becoming a published contributor […]

Four Ways in Which PR Helps Your eCommerce Business Grow

eCommerce Business Grow

In the era of technology, it was expected to see growth in the eCommerce business. And just like any other type of business, your product needs the correct PR to help it grow. Your brand needs the help of an agency that knows the marketplace and knows how to reach the target audience online.

6 Elements Your Brand Must Have

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Your brand is important because it will help you stand out in your industry and be seen as different from your competitors. That is why you should build a consistent brand image.

3 Steps to Creating Stories That Stick

3 Steps to Creating Stories That Stick

Have you ever read pointless stories with annoying twists? It sounds engaging at first, then it goes off course about a date, then you read about a wedding to a spouse that was never mentioned, with a recall of an eureka moment in college and you’re wondering how it all fits in… There might be […]

If You’re Using Digital Marketing, Read This.

What You're Missing In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing- Using PR for marketing your brand Being a brand or having a brand can be successful only when you manage your public relations with those who have made you or your brand a success i.e. public. A regular communication with the public helps you to know where the brand is going, how much […]