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A Little About Myself


Santiago Arbelaez is a Canadian-American HR professional with a specialization in recruitment and fostering welcoming company cultures. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance from Florida State University, enabling him to effortlessly connect with candidates, employees, and leaders at all levels of the organization. In his current role as the Director of Client Relations at Otter PR, Arbelaez prospects and interviews candidates to gauge their abilities and place them in the best role for their skills and experience. His genuine interest in candidates’ stories and backgrounds gives him the fundamental insight necessary to continue building a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone can succeed.


Favorite Client Types:

Santiago’s favorite clients to work with are local up-and-coming brands and small businesses, especially those operating from an innovative and creative space. He enjoys working with companies and events to improve communities and their cultures. 


Otter Things to Know:

Santiago is Colombian, Canadian, and American. He’s the first vocalist in his family and has performed in many prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Beacon Theater.

Are you a good fit?

The amount of publicity they have generated for has been nothing short of impressive. It has dramatically increased new clients by 30% and I have seen my platforms grow 2-fold

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