Hi, I'm Santiago Arbelaez

Santiago is a recent FSU graduate with a passion for performing and entertainment management. He is a talented vocalist and pianist who has performed in many esteemed Opera houses and the Beacon Theatre.

It's great to meet you!

A Little About Myself


As Otter PR’s head HR representative and Director of Client Relations, Santiago brings with him a background in the performing arts, which has enabled him to effortlessly connect with everyone he crosses paths with. This has been an integral part of his ability in nurturing and building company culture, while connecting with clients on multiple aspects of their accounts.

Favorite Client Types:

Santiago’s favorite clients to work with are local up-and-coming brands and small businesses, especially those operating from an innovative and creative space. He enjoys working with companies and events to improve communities and their  cultures. 

Otter Things to Know:

Santiago is Colombian, Canadian, and American. He’s the first vocalist in his family, and has performed in many prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Beacon Theater. In his free time, he also runs his own Men’s Fashion Blog.