Hi, I'm Santiago Arbelaez

Santiago is a recent FSU graduate with a passion for performing and entertainment management. He is a talented vocalist and pianist who has performed in many esteemed Opera houses and the Beacon Theatre.

It's great to meet you!

A Little About Myself

Hello! My name is Santiago Arbelaez and I am Otter PR’s Director of Client Relations. For a little bit of my background; I was born in the garden state of New Jersey, moved over to the Forest City known as London, Ontario, traveled south to be educated at THEE* Florida State University, and now I am coming to you from the City Beautiful, Orlando as head HR representative and Administrative leader. Here at Otter, you will find me nurturing and building our company’s culture, while connecting with clients on multiple aspects of their accounts. My educational background is in performance. Having attended musical institutions since the age of 10, my most recent achievement is obtaining my degree in Vocal Performance from FSU. I’ve had the great pleasure of performing in many prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Beacon Theatre, while continuously performing on at the local level both in Tallahassee and Orlando, Florida. When I’m not singing, you may find me shopping and thrifting to create my next great outfit!
Some fun facts are that I’m Colombian, Canadian, American! I’m the first trained vocalist in my family. I am Launching Men’s fashion blog in November.
Thank you for visiting my page! I look forward to working with you either as a client or colleague!