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I’m one of the business development representatives here at Otter PR. I look forward to meeting you and helping you meet your PR goals!

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A Little About Myself


Ryan was born and raised in Washington DC, but later moved to Arkansas due to his parents’ careers. He took an interest in boxing and mixed martial arts, continuing them throughout his time at the University of Arkansas where he obtained a degree in marketing. During this time, he also working as a bartender for nearly two years.

In this role, Ryan became proficient in organic client relationships (and had lots of fun along the way!). After graduating, Ryan moved to Oahu, Hawaii with some friends, but the Covid pandemic changed his plans which led him to make the decision to join the Army as an infantryman.

Favorite Client Types:

Ryan loves working with entrepreneurs of all kinds because they understand the value that PR brings. He also meshes especially well with clients working in the fitness and health & wellness industries.

Otter Things to Know:

When he’s not working, Ryan can be found at the gym or watching horror movies. He loves to train in mixed martial arts, has what he describes as “an incredibly ugly bloodhound named Bronson,” and boasts the “longest scar my doctor has ever seen!”

Ryan is also fond of travel, going so far to spend four weeks backpacking through eastern Europe with his brother in the middle of the winter. He deeply enjoys meeting people from different backgrounds and sharing stories with them.

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