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A Little About Myself


Jacklyn was born and raised in Connecticut. She later moved to Florida to play lacrosse and pursue a degree in Business at Stetson University. During her time at Stetson, she worked as the Social Media Manager for The WELL Team. In this role, she became proficient in organic social media strategies. In May 2022, Jacklyn was the recipient of Stetson University’s “Top Hatter Extraordinary Leader Award” which is awarded to one student per academic year who exhibits strong leadership skills in various settings and capacities.

Two of Jacklyn’s greatest passions are fashion and the environment. During the pandemic, she started an online consignment shop where she sourced vintage and other unique second-hand clothes, which she then resold on platforms like Depop. She fell in love with thrift resale and leveraged social media platforms to drive leads to her Depop page — all with no marketing budget. Now, while she doesn’t sell as much as she used to, she still enjoys sharing her sustainable outfits and fashion inspiration on her social media pages (follow @jlavs_ on Instagram!).


Favorite Client Types:

Jacklyn’s favorite types of clients are those in the environmental, fitness, and fashion industries.

Otter Things to Know:

Jacklyn loves to travel and even got a taste of “van life” in March 2020 when she spent almost two months camping in a roof-top tent throughout Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, and Arizona. When she isn’t traveling, some of her hobbies include yoga, wheel throwing, and learning how to surf and skate. She also enjoys going to comedy shows and live bands with her friends on the weekend.

Jacklyn Lavoie

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