Christian Cruz

Hi, I'm Christian Cruz

I’m the primary videographer and video editor for Otter PR. I love contributing to the awareness and recognition of our clients and look forward to helping tell Otter PR’s amazing story!

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A Little About Myself


Christian studied audio engineering at Bloomfield college in New Jersey before deciding to leave and teach music full-time at privately-owned music schools. Throughout his 12+ years of teaching music, Christian also founded, wrote music for, and performed with several bands. It was here that he quickly became aware of all of the components that were needed outside of the music itself in order to make a band successful, including eye-catching videos, photography, and graphic design. 

Since he couldn’t afford to pay for any of these services, Christian decided to learn how to shoot, edit, and design videos, photos, and artwork entirely independently. This led him down a path of creating videos for other artists and, eventually, leading entrepreneurs and marketing agencies.


Largest Client/Favorite Client Types:

Christian’s favorite clients to work with are ones that dedicate their time and talents to bettering other people’s lives while remaining grounded and humble in the process. Over the years, Christian has had the opportunity to work for Dan Henry, a three-time 2 Comma Club award winner, as well as SMB Team which was rated as the fastest-growing Lawyer Marketing company in 2022 by Forbes.

During the course of his video and photography work with Dan Henry and SMB Team, Christian had the opportunity to work with highly successful entrepreneurs, lawyers, and entertainers such as Myron Golden, Jillian Michaels, Ali Awad, Alex Rodriguez, David Bruno, Craig Goldenfarb, and Glen Lerner.


Otter Things to Know:

Outside of work, Christian loves to write music, go on hikes, skateboard, and seek out adrenaline-filled adventures.

Christian Cruz

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The amount of publicity they have generated for has been nothing short of impressive. It has dramatically increased new clients by 30% and I have seen my platforms grow 2-fold

Mike Mandell


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