Hi, I'm Chandni Desai

PR professional with 5 years of experience across, journalism, multimedia marketing and communications studies with a proven track record of success. 

It's great to meet you!

A Little About Myself

Hi, I’m Chan! I graduated from the University of Tampa with a major in Communication Studies and a double minor in Public Relations and Media Studies and I’m currently working on my Master’s degree online, at the University of Southern California.
I have a passion for public relations and I love using effective storytelling to get my clients a range of coverage in prestigious publications, relevant to each individual. Through my work at Otter as well as prior PR work I have done, I have a track record of getting clients into Forbes, WWD, Fast Company and, The Washington Post, to name a few. My favorite thing about being a publicist is being able to learn your story and telling it compassionately and effectively. We are all so different and I’m thrilled that you are trusting me and our amazing team at Otter to tell your story to thousands of people across the globe.
Outside of work, my interests reside in traveling, environment and animal related causes, clean beauty, holistic living and anything to do with being outside. I am also a big adventure girl, I love pop culture and I enjoy writing blogs in my free time as well. I am so excited to meet with you and learn more about you as well, and I thank you for taking the time to get to virtually know me better.