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Welcome to the Raft! I’ll be your publicist’s assistant, helping our team and yours to stay aligned and focused on meeting your PR goals in order to maximize your coverage and impact in media.


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A Little About Myself


Cassey was born and raised in New Hampshire, where she enjoyed journaling in the great outdoors, studying graphic design, and serving as a volunteer cheerleading coach. She graduated from the Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics at The University of New Hampshire, where she earned a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. In addition to her academic achievements, she brings to Otter an expertise in building connections and fostering relationships with any and everyone — a skill she learned during seven years of serving in the hospitality industry.


Favorite Client Types:

Cassey has a passion for working with clients in the entertainment and lifestyle industries. She also looks forward to any opportunity to work with non-profit organizations, as she holds volunteer work close to her heart.


Otter Things To Know:

A true Aquarius, Cassey embraces the “try everything once” mentality. She is always open to trying and learning new things! Traveling, crafting homemade jewelry, and blogging about fashion or new music are just a few recent hobbies that Cassey has picked up. When she is not helping Otter clients, her favorite pastime is taking the top of her Jeep and finding a beautiful Florida sunset to watch.

Are you a good fit?

The amount of publicity they have generated for has been nothing short of impressive. It has dramatically increased new clients by 30% and I have seen my platforms grow 2-fold

Mike Mandell


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