Hi, I'm Allison McLaughlin

I studied Psychology and Business Management at the University of Phoenix. I worked for 8 years as a territory manager for Holistic Family owned pet food companies and have a strong background in nutrition for dogs and cats.

It's great to meet you!

A Little About Myself


Allison received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business Management from the University of Phoenix. She worked for 8 years as a territory manager for holistic family owned pet food companies, which ultimately led her to putting her Business Management degree to work when she started her own online and local pet supply company, Oh My Dog Holistic Pet Supplies.

Allison’s diverse background and business knowledge makes her Otter PR’s Jack of All Trades, Master of Everything. She has generated massive successes for her clients, landing them in USA Today, The Hill, Reader’s Digest, and many more.

Favorite Clients:

Allison’s favorite clients to work with are Family and Parenting, Children’s Interest, and HR Clients.  

Otter Things to Know:

Allison is a proud dog mom with four pups: Brodie, a 12-year-old Bichon; Rubie, an 8-year-old chihuahua; Molly, a 6-year-old Chihuahua; and Pippa, a 1-year-old chihuahua. She also has a cat in the mix, Penelope.